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Being My Mom’s Mom, A Journey Through Dementia from a Daughter’s Perspective

 Posted by Bari Schanerman

 Friday December 8, 2017


This week, I attended an education program sponsored by ARTIS, an assisted living facility for memory care opening next year in Davie. The program was titled, Being My Mom’s Mom, A Journey Through Dementia from a Daughter’s Perspective, presented by Loretta Veney, CPP.

I found out about the program from a participant in our “Book Club with a Twist!” group at Dynamic Growth at Your Meeting Place. As one who strives to be a continuous learner and resource for others, the program sounded interesting. The speaker was so warm, authentic, funny and informative. The experiences and tips that she shared were relevant to any caregiver, everyone in general and even parents in the process of raising children.

The room was full of caregivers that are taking care of their loved ones in different stages of the disease or just people like me who like to learn more about how to help family or friends with information. These are some of the tips that Loretta shared that I would like to pass on:

These are just a small summary of some of the points that Loretta made at the presentation to understand how to assist in being a caregiver, in what
may be a role reversal. For more about her journey and work, visit or purchase one of her books, Being My Mom’s Mom and Refreshment for the Caregiver’s Spirit.

I have set an intention for 2018 to write more about what we do at Dynamic Growth at Your Meeting Place with clients, members and friends, and started
now to get in a routine to create a new habit.

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